Hi, I'm Terry Thompson, the author of two very unique books that will encourage and enlighten you. Please take a moment to get a glimpse of these books and other items offered on this site. Then click "Items" to take advantage of some very special offers.

A New Strategy for the War on Cancer. This is the book for everyone affected by cancer--and that is everyone. It is written for the general public and reveals an emerging, scientifically proven approach to cancer treatment that is practiced today by many of America's leading certified oncologists. The problem is that few people know about it and institutionalized medicine is slow to transition to it. It's called "integrative oncology," and it involves natural, not-toxic therapies that enhance chemo and radiation, reduce their side effects, and increase survival.

After losing my former wife to cancer, I researched cancer treatment in America for nine years. My conclusions, indorsed by many prominent doctors, are in this book. This information may be the best help you will find if you have been diagnosed with cancer. It may also be the best help you could offer a loved one suffering from this horrible disease. See below for an unbelievable, limited time offer!

The Aviator's DevotionalThose who have followed their dream to fly have joined a special fraternity of aviators.  Pilots and other airmen have a passion for adventure and a unique perspective on life. This book, written in aviator language, is a one-of-a-kind 31-day Christian devotional that relates experiences of flight to our every-day lives in ways that inspire and strengthen. The interesting stories and biblical references will touch the soul and stir the heart of the one who flies. This book is available only as an eBook at http://.Amazon.com and http://.BarnesandNoble.com.


For six years, I owned and flew the classic Bonanza on the left which was totally restored by my late brother. He also restored the Tri-Pacer in which he learned to fly. I flew its first flight test. My 24 years as an Air Force pilot was mostly spent in the C-130 Hercules. During retirement, I flew with the Civil Air Patrol in the Cessna 182 pictured above. 


A New Strategy for the War on Cancer

The Aviator's Devotional (eBook only)

The Aviator's Prayer Plaque

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